As freelance, how much do you charge for a gig?

I listen to any offer and can make you a custom budget on your idea. Send me an email, a text or call me no problem. Except on Sunday, let’s be civilized.

Are you available to join an enterprise despite being freelance?

Yes, I am. I like being freelance but I LOVE not starving to death.

Do you have your own equipment?
Of course, it’s detailed in the My Equipment page. If you don’t know about those technicalities I can assure that it’s the necessary equipment for most audiovisual projects. If I needed anything extra, I would buy it before recording.
Do you work for free?

Short answer: No. Long answer: Nooooooooooo.

What if I pay you in exposition? I’ve got tons of followers.

If you pay me in exposition you’ll get your final product in exposition: An audio explaining the project I would have done if you respected my work.

Can you move around Spain? I want to film in Valdebucket.

With no issues, I’m willing and glad to work in new places. Although it may be a little upcost in the invoice, always told beforehand to prevent surprises.

How do we organize for the payment?

For payments I can adapt with no problems to the customer needs. I don’t mind if you take some time to pay and I pretend to not mind if you take A LOT of time to pay. Always through an invoice, though.

What’s your opinion on *complex political issue*?

Same as yours! Please hire me.