About me

I was born and grew in Zaragoza, trying out different ways to express myself (drawing, writing, bothering my close family) until I found out the filming world had what I was looking for. I did Film and TV Studies, and after some experience as an scholar (I refused an scholarship in a national award winning movie thanks to my lack of future vision) I was admitted for work with a producer in Malta.

A promising future that was gonna start in April 2020. A minot thing you might’ve heard of happened: a pandemic, whose name I can’t recall and isn’t at all still going, kept me in Spain. At least I managed to enter in MotorLand Aragón (international motorsport circuit) as part of their audiovisual team at the end of that year. Busy months in which we worked with enterprises like La Sexta or Eurosport, as well as finding out about which MotoGP pilots can’t distinguish between a cameraman and a paparazzi.

After MotorLand I decided that getting paid fairly isn’t my jam and went freelance. Since then I’ve worked with clients like Heraldo de Aragón, D.O. Campo de Borja and Ibercaja CCOO. Right now I’m working as a freelance video editor while looking for new potential clients.